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Our Services

We mainly focus on basement conversions in the London area, but can undertake many building services including extensions and loft conversions.

Types of Basement Conversion

Retrofit Conversion

A retrofit basement extends the foundations downwards, which creates more space under your house. This is a highly popular type of conversion, especially in London and the newly acquired space can be used for lots of different room styles.

We fit a staircase from your ground level to allow access to your basement, and many people like to build gyms, play rooms or even swimming pools underground. We ensure all levels are Waterproofed and dry, as well as insulated and warm.

New Build Conversion

For new build properties we can build in the basement before the house is built. This practice is highly popular in Europe and the States, and is catching on in the The UK.

Installing a basement offers a huge amount of space which is concealed so all the usual aesthetics of a house remain in place. Constructing a basement for a new build less expensive than a retrofit conversion and we can offer full pricing on both.