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The basics of Basement Excavations and Basement Conversions

Basements have long been a great source of convenience or inconvenience for homes but their added value and quality when properly done are worth every effort. There are two processes that homeowners struggle with, especially whether to carry them out as well as associated costs. These two are basement excavations and basement conversions. Here is an overview of the basics you should know regarding each process.

Basement excavation

What it is basement excavation?

Basement excavation is the process where the dirt and ground around the exterior walls of a house’s basement is removed exposing the wall’s full length. It provides full access to the basement walls allowing any necessary modifications or construction work to be done.

· Reasons for basement excavation

Basement excavation is done for three major reasons. First, it helps provide access for repairs to damaged walls and foundations. Whenever the walls shift for any reason, especially the foundation, it compromises the structural integrity of the house and may even settle. Excavation has to be done in order for repairs to be done.

Waterproofing your house especially the basement may also necessitate excavation if the method used requires applying a coating or liner to the outer walls. Excavation may also be necessary if you want to fix a basement under your house.

· Factors that affect costs of basement excavation

Costs of basement excavation depend on whether it is a basic or complex one. Deeper basements also cost more while additional expenses like disposing the earth from the site add to the cost. The need for preparation work also adds to the final costs. These services include stabilization screening and fine grading.