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Installing a suitable cavity drainage system & Cellar waterproofing

Not many people are perhaps aware of the full meaning and significance of cellar tanking. Cellar waterproofing or even basement tanking is a system where liquid waterproof coating is applied to the floors and walls of the cellar. This is also referred to as tanking slurry. The main purpose is to treat damp walls. This is done to prevent ingress of water and this helps to make the wall and floors watertight.

Why Do They Become Damp?

Cellar walls are often damp because of their location. They are mostly located below ground level. Water from the earth makes it way and finds a way into the walls and then it moves to the cellar. When moisture finds its way through the wall, it also carries with it minerals and salts. A combination of moisture, lack of sunlight and warmth leads to condensation. This over a period of time gives rise to growth of mildew, mold and other microorganisms. Tanking slurry is considered effective because it helps to create a waterproof barrier and keeps the cellar dry and totally moisture free.

How Does It Work?

Though there are a few options, using tanking slurry is perhaps the best option. This also is referred to as cementitious tanking. This is basically a mixture of special Portland cements, chemical modifiers, aggregates and other such things. All these work together and they effectively stop the passage of water. This works much better than concrete waterproofing because it effectively neutralizes the impact of moisture and prevents it from entering the flooring and walls of the cellar.


If basement and cellar waterproofing is done efficiently and properly, it will ensure complete stoppage of water and make the cellar ready for use. Loft Conversions

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All  waterproofing membrane options come with 10 years IBG .