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What is concrete piling?


Concrete piles are concrete columns which are always pushed into the ground under the foundations of light commercial buildings. These components are driven into the ground, the reason behind this move is to ensure that the foundation of the building goes deep and make the structure stronger. The pile foundation always uses quite a huge number of concrete piles which are needed during the construction, the piles are connected to the footers of the foundation. These piles help the building to stay stronger hence reducing the risk of collapsing.

Reasons why people choose to use concrete pilings

• Size of the building- when building a tall structure it is important to use a deeper foundation which will support the building, the pile will ensure that the build stay stronger and durable.
• Type of soil and ground- most grounds can never support buildings, and this will need a deeper foundation which will properly anchor the building
• Seismic activity- this is another factor which plays a major role in building foundations, the following are examples of the activities, earthquakes.

Types of concrete installation

There are two main ways of installing concrete piles:
• Drilling and casting on the site- this method is also known as cast in situ, it is usually created on the construction sites.
• A pile driving- this method uses a nail like gadget which is driven into the earth but the difference is that it is larger than a nail.

Types of concrete piles London

The pile is important because they support the foundation of the structure when the soil is weak and cannot hold the building. The following are some example of concrete piles.
A reinforced concrete pile
A reinforced concrete pile belongs to a precast pile. The reinforce concrete pile mainly strengthen the pile and enhance the strengthen the building. The reinforced concrete pile has several bars which intersect and ties the piles.


This is also another member the precast family. This type of concrete pile is a unique in that it is passed under immense stress before it is actually installed. These types of concrete pile are normally installed into deep, coarse gravel and soft clay deposits.


This type of concrete pile features two main factors which are cylinder and shaft concrete. A non- displacement concrete is installed in a way that a shaft is drilled first this is done to prevent soil displacement. This type is concrete pile is determine by the soil type.

A steel pipe

This type of concrete pile doesn’t only consist of steel. These piles are usually fitted with concrete after insertion unto the foundation area. The concrete is mainly added to strengthen the steel.

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