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Brighton Basement Construction

Do you have a basement or cellar in your house? Do you want to make better use of your basement? Is your basement leaking? How often do you use your basement? Is you basement still used for storage purposes?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may benefit from converting your basement into a living space. Land is very expensive and limited and we have to make better use of the small spaces we occupy. We help you convert your basement in anything you can imagine: whether its that extra bedroom you need, the lining room, kitchen, gym or exercise room, anything you can imagine. our portfolio has some recent examples of the basements we have converted.




Our company is located in Brighton and we do basement conversions and cellar conversions. Our conversion process is carried out by a team of well trained professionals who are friendly and discreet. They work in a very cost effective way to ensure that our clients spend only enough and expect the best. we approach the project in a holistic manner to ensure the outcome meets our clients expectations.

We work work with a team of experienced professionals, contractors and design specialists who do their work a lot of expertise.

Our approach to basement conversion is very flexible and directly vested on the interest of our clients. Therefore we let them draw the picture of their dream basement and our work is to covert their dream to a reality.

We consider all factors before commencing our project.
this is our procedure:
Surveying: We survey the property to find out the condition of the basement. some basements have drainage pipes which have to be re-route to ensure that neighbours are not affected. Some have poor foundations and can not withstand a further excavation

Planning: We then plan for the project after the survey. The client gives us his idea of the basement he wants.

we then set on to the details as Follows:
-Lighting: most basements do not have ample lighting. one may want to have his basement as a dark room, or may want to convert their rooms to study rooms, kitchen which need more light. we offer various approach to lighting including whether to extend your basement in to the garden to get natural light, adding window well which also improves ventilation.
-Heating: we approach the heating part with safety in our mind. We look for the best heating solution that is safe, reliable and clean to keep you warm.
-Damp-proofing your basement. There are two main approaches to this:
-Water membrane system: This allows water to drain away with the help of a drainage channel
– Cement-based system: this creates an impervious barrier that stops water from entering the basement.

The benefits of getting the best company to do the basement conversion project are very massive. You will end up saving more and expect the best at the end of the project. That is why you need the best experts like us. kindly visit our website for more information on our services and feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Basements With Class With a wealth of experience throughout London we offer a complete solution in planning and constructing high quality basement systems. From additional bedrooms and kitchens, to swimming pools and cinemas; there are no limitations on what you can create with a basement.

Any job of this nature can lead to in-trepidation, are we with the correct company? This is a lot of money can we trust this business? You can rest assured that OBS Basements are the correct company for you. With over 10 years experience we have references from numerous existing and previous clients who will put your mind at ease. We will go that extra mile to make sure there are no stones unturned and that , above all, you the customer are extremely happy with every aspect of the job from start to finish. It is in our ethos to make sure you are happy with the outlay of the work, price and service before we agree on any deal.

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