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We provide complete solutions for clients who are looking to convert their unused basement, or to improve their existing cellars/basements. As specialists we are qualified and have passed rigorous examinations related to basement refurbishment services. These qualifications ensure that everyone who’s on site is competent enough and your project is successfully designed, installed as well as supervised to the highest quality that’s going to satisfy your requirements.

The following are some of the services we provide:

New Mayfair Basement Conversions and Basement Refurbishments

You may be having an existing unused basement and wish to extend your working or living space. This is likely to add important value to your property, helping to enhance and expand your business or home without having to move. We are going to perform that task, including plumbing, bathrooms among other tasks.

Remedial Action for failed Basements in Mayfair

Mayfair has several failed basement conversions both in commercial and domestic properties, with some having reached their lifespan, while others have been installed badly so that they are not able to withstand water pressures.

We’re professionals in solving failed basement conversion problems. With our advanced technology, several of them are easily and quickly fixed. When your basement requires extensive repair work or just some new adjustments, we’re happy to quote and offer you necessary professional advice.

Above Ground Solutions

Water and damp ingress may affect regularly houses not having basement. We supply as well as fit different specialist membranes which seal the damp in the wall out of internal surfaces without affecting the beauty of the external or internal walls. When installed the membranes are covered completely in plaster and can’t be seen.

Installation period is shorter as plaster may be applied immediately to membranes, and the reassurance of physical barrier from damp provides superior reliability and longer lifespan when compared to the traditional methods such as slurry applied tanking and DPC. Our specialist knowledge and insurance backed guarantee make this one an increasingly popular basement solution in the market.

New Build Mayfair Basement Refurbishment

This is perfect when you are planning a new build in Mayfair. We offer advice on incorporating a basement conversion into your new property so as to gain the maximum space as well as add value to your home.

New build projects techniques vary from converting current basements, and by hiring us, you’ll greatly benefit from our experience and professional knowledge in this industry. With modern advances in membrane technology and mechanical digging, basement conversion may be less expensive than you think, while adding lots of priceless extra space. We are happy to be of your service for your basement conversion requirements in Mayfair.

Please call us on 07857 483 711 or leave a quick message and we will be right back to you.

Basements With Class With a wealth of experience throughout London we offer a complete solution in planning and constructing high quality basement systems. From additional bedrooms and kitchens, to swimming pools and cinemas; there are no limitations on what you can create with a basement.

Any job of this nature can lead to in-trepidation, are we with the correct company? This is a lot of money can we trust this business? You can rest assured that OBS Basements are the correct company for you. With over 10 years experience we have references from numerous existing and previous clients who will put your mind at ease. We will go that extra mile to make sure there are no stones unturned and that , above all, you the customer are extremely happy with every aspect of the job from start to finish. It is in our ethos to make sure you are happy with the outlay of the work, price and service before we agree on any deal.