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Basement conversion

Basement conversion is essentially repurposing the basement space by adding more utility. Space is used for entertainment and living space.

· Reasons for basement conversion

The main reason for basement conversion is generating additional space. The additional space created can be used for several purposes. Firstly, space can be used as an additional living space for other family members whether it is young children or older members of the society who need to be near you for easy supervision.

Additionally, space can be used for storage especially if you want to have a gym at home. The basement can also be excellent for people seeking to have home offices or a study room.

The other reason for basement conversion is to increase the value of your home. Because of the extra utility and the beauty that comes with conversion, your home gets a higher value and is also more attractive to buyers helping you sell it faster.

· Basement conversion costs

Basement conversion costs depend on a wide range of things. For example, the scale of the project depending on the end result as well as how much of the work will be done by the contractor. Any additional difficulty and extra work is going to drive up costs. Such difficulties include;

  1. Diversion and drainage of sewers
  2. Difficult ground conditions like rocks and marsh
  3. Being in a locality having a high water table which requires constant pumping
  4. Building regulation fees
  5. Need for waterproofing
  6. Decoration etc.

Both basement excavation and basement conversions are quite complex projects for you to undertake on your own.